Saturday, December 17, 2011

News On Fire! Spoken word.

A long time ago a word was a spoken

the wildest beast would be awoken

a great La NiƱa grows far and wide

when cold and hot air do collide

People walk streets in sorrow

praying it won't happen again tomorrow

they look for somewhere else go

one way fire the other is snow

no jobs for them' to go

feelings all so bottled up

until they find their

little pup

Kids are hungry

they give a sigh

parents cannot look them in the eye

Wind blows fire from treetops

to homes nearby, no water spouts

no morning coffee in their pots

towns are broken like hearts and dreams

are all about what they have seen

many fears for many years now many many many tears

the worst is yet to come around

when loved ones nowhere can be found

hands covered over mouths

fires raging north and south

from coast to coast

the evil boast, it is our God
who loves us most!

The devil is the one who knows

the reason why the fire blows

they laugh at us out loud and boast
for that's the way they'd like us toast

the smoke it burns stings their throats

the devil wants our souls the most

for us to ask why God? Why me?

for faith is one thing we can't see

so pray for all ....and pray real hard,

even if don't God.